Our mission is to assist our students on their musical journey and instill love for music to last a lifetime.  Sharing the gift of music makes our hearts sing and there is nothing we teachers would rather do. This does take commitment and support from the family and discipline, dedication, and practice from the student.

Prelude implements a holistic musical education approach. The piano curriculum books consist of a series of several books which complement each other.  In the lesson book the fundamental concepts are introduced.  The performance–recital book expands on the taught concept with additional pieces and enables the student to develop a musical repertoire. Technique develops strong fingers and artistry the interpretation of music.  The study of theory promotes the understanding of the language of music. 

The guitar teaching curriculum books are all-inclusive and enrichment materials are supplemented as needed.

Lessons typically consist of 30-minute sessions. Advanced students may benefit from longer lessons, up to an hour in duration.

Performance is an integral component of the music education process, and is strongly emphasized at Prelude.  We offer multiple events each year, including Halloween, Winter, Spring recitals, community performances, and Federation Festival student grading events, as well as preparation for piano competitions for advanced students.  We believe that music is a gift meant to be shared and accordingly hold the recitals venues where community members are invited and encouraged to attend.  We are continuously exploring, adding and providing opportunities for students to perform in a variety of settings.